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Zuma Deluxe 1.01

Zuma Deluxe 1.01 Free Download

free download

Protect the sacred skull from the oncoming marbles


Zuma Deluxe is a puzzle title for PC in which you will play as a guardian frog protecting the gold skull from a chain of colored marbles that move forward to the sacred temple skull. Developed by PopCap games, this downloadable version of Zuma follows the same puzzle mechanics of the genre, matching three or more colored balls to burst them all before they reach a crucial point

Establishing this simple gameplay, Zuma Deluxe can easily become addictive through its 13 different worlds, including its last Space stage. The same old formula may never go out of fashion with titles that refresh the puzzle spirit genre that is, basically matching similar objects to watch them explode disappear. Keeping this in mind, Zuma Deluxe really enhances the genre, not only because of the success it has had, but because of the simple gameplay it brings, making it easily playable for all kind of users with a simple download.

The same old formula may never go out of fashion with titles that refresh the puzzle spirit genre

Technically this PC game is pretty simple. It is not outstanding either with its graphics or its sound aspect, but the 2D graphic style with some 3D effects, really works well with the game since it lets you focus in the main part of the gameplay, which is the matching marbles. In addition you will find the soundtrack simple and effective effects, with a memorable tune which you will probably be whistling by the end of the day.

Customize the options
Customize the options


As we pointed out earlier, the gameplay is very basic, just matching three or more balls of the same color to make them explode and disappear. But this simple mechanic can sometimes get quite tricky. If you interrupt the continuous queue of marbles, a part can be separated, and it will stop in the middle of the track. This gives you more time to take your next move. There are some stages that will challenge this formal vision of gameplay and will include an additional track for another string of marbles, so you must show some skills and accuracy with your shots.

Additionally, the game gives you some special power-up balls that will give you certain advantages. When one of these occurs, you will play with explosion marbles, chain reverse, slowdown, and the unique accuracy ball for increasing your shooting speed and accuracy of aim. For activating these assists, you will have to burst each special power up marble alongside regular colored marbles. As extra elements, there will also be coins for increasing your own score in order to beat your personal best.

There are different game modes available for increasing its playability. The main one, Adventure mode, will take you through more than 20 different temples in which you will have to overcome each stage, blowing away all the marbles in order to pass the level. Once you finish the game, you will have all these stages fully available in the gauntlet mode; this one is special since it gives you the chance to play each stage again in limitless mode, or for free practice to beat your high score.

Destroy all the balls
Destroy all the balls

Zuma Deluxe 1.01 Features

Here you can find listed the main features of Zuma Deluxe:

  • Exotic environment set in Aztec Mexico with tribal elements and motifs based on classic temples
  • Classic gameplay of bursting marbles before they reach the golden skull which the guardian frog protects
  • Several modes available, such as Adventure and Gauntlet that increases the variety of the title
  • Travel through more than 20 temples and overcome each stage and discover the surprises they hide
  • Accelerated 2D graphics with 3D effects that gives a great look to this PC title

If you want to know more about Zuma Deluxe before you download it, you are free to check its developers’ website through this link.

System Requirements

Here you can check the minimum requirements of your system for playing Zuma Deluxe:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • CPU: Pentium II processor at 200 MHz
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • HDD: 30 MB Free space on disk

free download


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